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Winter in Lincoln Park


Some moments from life lately of winter in Lincoln Park. My camera rarely sits in my hands these days with weekdays spent in an office and weekends spent absorbing some 9-mile, long distance friendships. If my excitement to lounge and edit these pictures communicates anything, it says that I miss it and will make a greater effort to do this very thing more often.

In 2016, Chicago was kind with its fall as it was in 2015. It was warm, lengthy and beautiful. Yet, it certainly didn’t ease us into winter. Winter has come blisteringly quick, with negative degrees approaching in the coming days. I’ll admit that I’m a Lorelai Gilmore-type when it comes to snowfall. However, with sub-zero temperatures, I’m already dreaming up about days in May when the sun stays out just a little longer.

I won’t make this a long but here are some of my “to do’s” for Winter 2017, written to hold myself accountable to do more than simplyread in my apartment:



Winter at Promontory Point

Promontory Point During Winter

Lately, Chicago has been experiencing a heat wave – the type of weather that requires no gloves or hats or scarves – and allows for leisurely walks along the lake instead of quick hustles to and from buildings. Winter at Promontory Point, in Hyde Park, is one of my favorite times. In summer or winter, I religiously run north along its path when the weather is just right. This summer, I would frequently bring down a blanket to read by the water. Now, I can hardly stay for risk of frostbite. Despite the near 80-degree temperature difference, it is more beautiful than ever.

It is rather odd when my last memories of the Point contain bathing suits, sun screen and overgrown green grass. The snow-covered, icy-laden Lake Michigan greatly juxtaposes what my most fond memories of this place once were. Lucky enough for me (and the rest of Chicago), without fail, Spring always arrives. And like most things lately, in a blink.
Promontory Point During Winter

Promontory Point Winter During Winter
Promontory Point Winter 2

Promontory Point Winter During Winter




The Chicago River is in the midst of thawing out for (hopefully) the last time. While we are expecting a snow tomorrow morning and evening, I am hoping that sights of grass are here to stay. And my long mornings spent on the treadmill are long gone as the temperatures warm up.


^I captioned this picture on instagram – the cold never bothered me anyway (lol jk) – because in all honesty, the cold does bother me after 3+ months of bitter cold, consistent snow and frigid winds but I still love you Chicago^



Top: Zara (old). Skirt: J. Crew (here) Boots: Tahari (Old) Necklace: Baublebar (here) Purse: Kate Spade (here)

Apologies for the awkwardly composed pictures – as I adjust to blogging, my friends adjust to having to take pictures without any formal training (much appreciated friends!). Also – how awkward is it to pose for a camera in one of the most touristy areas of Chicago? Answer: very, very awkward. I will stick to quiet Lincoln Park and Wicker Park, please.