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Winter in Lincoln Park


Some moments from life lately of winter in Lincoln Park. My camera rarely sits in my hands these days with weekdays spent in an office and weekends spent absorbing some 9-mile, long distance friendships. If my excitement to lounge and edit these pictures communicates anything, it says that I miss it and will make a greater effort to do this very thing more often.

In 2016, Chicago was kind with its fall as it was in 2015. It was warm, lengthy and beautiful. Yet, it certainly didn’t ease us into winter. Winter has come blisteringly quick, with negative degrees approaching in the coming days. I’ll admit that I’m a Lorelai Gilmore-type when it comes to snowfall. However, with sub-zero temperatures, I’m already dreaming up about days in May when the sun stays out just a little longer.

I won’t make this a long but here are some of my “to do’s” for Winter 2017, written to hold myself accountable to do more than simplyread in my apartment:



Humboldt Boat Park


Humboldt Boat Park screams summer, during this season also known as – wait for it – summer. It’s blossoming and bright and boasts life in the form of people picnicking and ducks doing their water-borne thing. I’ll admit – I’m not the biggest fan of summer. I could arguably write a really persuasive essay about why it is not my favorite season. But photographs like these will surely bring back waves of nostalgia come February.




For some place so far removed from the lakefront, there was this wonderful breeze at the Park.

Fun Fact! You can actually fish here. Crazy, crazy cool things happening at a city park that feels like it isn’t. 



Tokyo, Japan Photo Diary


Looking back, it is unbelievable remembering that I was in Tokyo back in March. It’s August. And somehow, time escaped me in the Spring. When I look back, it was a flurry of applying for jobs, studying for grad school and working like crazy at my favorite coffee shop. I felt short of many things – relationships, hobbies (i.e. this here blog) – and as I transition into “adult” life, I’m doing my best to preserve the parts of me that exist outside of an office setting, that continue to push me to grow and learn.

I find that each time I edit a picture, I get this indescribable excitement. Or when I put pen to paper to write copy, I get this motivation to choose words or stories that are uniquely my own.

Coupled with my love for this space, I question putting parts of myself out into its black hole. It’s a common human condition to wonder what people think of you. In this day and age, my name – and this URL – are easily discoverable with a simple, inquiring Google search. I find it a little unnerving to think that all that this is – developed some place and time in the quiet of my bedroom – can impart some notion about me or my capabilities.

Needless to say, I am intending to return to this blog with more frequency and more content. If you follow along (whoever you are), let’s do this thing – again. And for now, enjoy the beauty that is Tokyo, Japan.


Tokyo-Japan-26Meiji-Shrine-22 Tokyo-Japan-22


Japan Trip


Hi blog! It’s me, an old friend who seems to have lost your number for a few months. Life is busy around here. As I tell my Dad, I need to “figure out my life.” And he promptly replies, you can never “figure out your life.” In my head, I know he is right. This was a general theme of our conversations whilst traveling in Japan. I would talk, Dad would listen and I would realize that Dad is generally a wise guy. It’s a pattern.

Cherry blossoms! And spring in Japan! These are just the beginnings of the massive amount of photos that I accumulated from my Japan trip. I promise (pinky promise, really) to update and curate little guides in the next week or so. See you soon! Aren’t these cherry blossoms magnificent?

Tokyo-Harajuku-1 Ueno-Park-1

El Matador Beach in Malibu

Recently, it has come to my understanding that idleness is not a past time that I actively enjoy. And with a lengthy amount of Christmas break, we were determined to explore our native California and venture up to El Matador Beach in Malibu. As a born-and-bred East Coaster, with nostalgia comes the strong scent of salty Cape Cod beaches and chilly falls with a box of Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins. California warmth and consistent sunshine does not breed that within me.

Yet, exploring the coast or, rather, driving up the PCH, leads me to believe that a certain type of nostalgia exists for the nooks and crannies that I have yet to see in California. Soon enough, let’s make the adventure up North and see what lies ahead. I think a lot about potential open roads and leafy trees and knit sweaters that make up for cooler temperatures. There is an uncertainty about how much time remains wandering around these parts – and there’s an excitement and anxiety about that there feeling.

I hope your holidays were filled with much more life and laughter than that of my flu-ridden family and I. We can only reflect and laugh at our complete incapability of movement or activity of any sorts. I am hoping that this winter will see a change of pace and a increased presence back around these parts. I almost forgot how much I love doing what I do.


Central Park


A few weeks ago, I ventured to the East Coast for some catch up time with family and a specific friend. A lot of our days were spent walking and talking – on this saturday, we spent an entire day venturing around Central Park. After intentions to visit the Guggenheim, we realized that neither were particularly keen on spending the hefty asking price for a ticket. Instead, we grabbed some caffeine at Bluestone Lane Collective (while gauking at what might be the world’s best looking avocado toast) and headed to Central Park.

We sat along the Reservoir as those around us attempted one too many selfies. We listened to a performer’s authentic rendition of “All of Me” while a newly married couple danced for their wedding pictures. We intended to rent rowboats for a romantic girl date but instead found the line too long for our liking. We then settled in Sheep’s Meadow where we watched acrobatics practice. We saw so much in one place without paying a dime. New York, I like you. I like you a lot. Shoutout to my favorite girl for letting me kale salad our way through NYC (while eating a pound of Sockerbit gummies)!

Balance my friends, balance.


Saugatuck, Michigan


Our first stop of the “Let’s-Get-Out-Of-Chicago-During-Lolla” road trip occurred in Saugatuck, Michigan. It is the prettiest of perfects, with that nostalgic New England charm that I like. It is American flags proudly emblazoned on porches with bright red doors. It is strangers assuming a friendly “Hello!” in passing. It was an idealic beginning to an idealic day.

Do you ever wonder how towns like this stay afloat throughout the entirety of a year? I can imagine that the streets become quieter as leaves change and snow falls. I can imagine that the bustling Main Street becomes deplete of its usual lack of parking. And Uncommon Coffee Roasters serves far fewer cups of caffeine to its diminished clientele.

This idea seemingly relates to the idea of personhood. Are we the types of people that go through phases of charm and popularity, who soon lose their draw and appeal? Or do we prosper and charm year-round like the infinite warmth of Southern California? I always hold on to the belief that we get better with time – hoping that each year, I am better than the last. I think this belief stems from a specific kind of attitude – an attitude that can consistently find the sunlight in cold and bleak days.

Here’s to hoping that we shine year round.



Blueberry Picking in Michigan


There is no easy way to say this. I have been noticeably absent around these parts. I have been bad – breaking on promises that I promised to keep. It should not be a surprise that work is time consuming. And as much as I love my internship, I always love movement. My spare time is not spent typing away or shooting through my lens. It is spent covered in a summer sweat bustling from one activity to the next. The end of my days are rather mindless. Yet, as my internship comes to a close and the rest of my summer begins, I am determined to conquer the pile of photos on my desktop and the stack of books on my nightstand. And again, I will create the stories that I love to tell in this little space.

I am back. And hoping to be here for good. Instead of thinking up a creative narrative for these photos, I just want to leave them to soak. I’ll twist the story for you soon enough. It was a simple day, with a simple story. Picking blueberries. A whole bag of blueberries worth $2.77. It doesn’t get more simple or beautiful than that. Thank you thank you DeGrandchamp farms for being you!