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Humboldt Boat Park


Humboldt Boat Park screams summer, during this season also known as – wait for it – summer. It’s blossoming and bright and boasts life in the form of people picnicking and ducks doing their water-borne thing. I’ll admit – I’m not the biggest fan of summer. I could arguably write a really persuasive essay about why it is not my favorite season. But photographs like these will surely bring back waves of nostalgia come February.




For some place so far removed from the lakefront, there was this wonderful breeze at the Park.

Fun Fact! You can actually fish here. Crazy, crazy cool things happening at a city park that feels like it isn’t. 



Pre-Fall Style


Fall is my favorite season. I cannot wait to hop back into some jeans or cords, pull on some tights or wrap a scarf around my neck. There is always an awkward gap between summer and fall where it is too hot to wear certain fall staples and too cool to keep on my shorts. Hopefully my inspiration board can serve  to bridge the summer-fall divide. This year, I will be spending my favorite season in Paris. I’m not quite sure how that will affect my dressing but I guarantee it will mean minimal color. Blacks, blues and neutrals will probably be my color palate. The only exception might be that Mango red dress ($40!).

Someone please ensure me that Paris falls are comparable or even better than those in the US (specifically Chicago)! I need my crisp leaves and slightly blushed cheeks.


To Go Online


1. Summer is coming. So is apartment living. And hopefully a blender to make these in the morning

2. Definitely on planning to be organized this summer with this

3. It has made it’s way around the internet for quite some time now (i meant to blog about it weeks ago) but here is a tiny burrito and a tiny creature interacting

4. Preparing to study abroad in the fall means beginning to think about weekend trips/adventures of all sorts something along the lines of eating way too much pizza in 24 hours.

5. If you have an hour, take time to have a laugh with MAIA

i’ve been very quiet lately, i apologize – here’s to a weekend of exploring and adding some new content

Summer Breeze

Each year – for one day a year – my school attempts to be like any other American college campus. it is a day of parties, drinking, and whatever else “typical” college students do for most of the year. the day culminates in a concert of some blend of up and coming artists, which included Pusha T, Flying Lotus, Baauer and Vic Mensa. IMG_4275

In order to get in the “summer breeze” spirit, L and i decided to make flower crowns. we roughly followed bleu bird’s guide with a few notable exceptions:

1. we bought fake flowers and twine from michael’s, used our own regular scissors and borrowed a hot glue gun from a friend

2. we measured a loop of twine around our heads and then tripled this loop in size so that the head piece would be sturdy enough to support the flowers

3. we tied off the twine head piece and one by one hot glued individual flowers to the twine head piece (this is the most difficult part)

4. make sure to let the hot glue dry! (ps. it’s hot so be careful)

IMG_4281IMG_4290IMG_4277Here’s to supper and flower crowns!





Top: Zara (old similar here), Chambray: Gap (similar here), Shorts: Madewell (old love these), Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar here, love these)

Bold prints are not my thing. Especially printed shorts. It reminds me all too well of shopping in j.crew when i was younger and seeing pants imprinted with pineapples, martini glasses, etc. That’s why shorts like these scare me a little. I am not typically a “bold” person – solids, stripes and polka dots are my comfort zone. But with the addition of a loose-fitting, bohemian top, these bold shorts seem more laid back.

I added a chambray merely out of convenience. I lacked an appropriate coat for shorts weather and none of sweaters seemed to compliment my ensemble quite as nicely. I especially love high-waisted shorts and sandals with a slight wedge. Sorry for all the “fashion” lingo but this is a style post, right?

Ivy is growing all over chicago (especially on campus). It made for the prettiest back drop in a random alley way near Avec. More on that to come!

To Go Online


image via Call Me Cupcake

1. Who can i gift this to? my kind of town, Chicago.

2. This really feels like spring. It might not taste exactly like spring but it feels like it.

3. These writers clearly do not know her literary tastes. Not amused.

4. How do feel about the “trend of the summer“?

5. Because cronuts were not innovative enough. Now there is the “Wonut.”

6. Social media! I added this to my selectively-chosen forays in social media.

Here’s to the weekend! I.e. attempting/thinking/planning studying, reading and problem set finishing. And then woops, it is sunday.