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Adult Spring Breaks



Adult spring breaks. They don’t formally exist, but I believe they should. Far removed from the spring breaks consumed with excessive consumption, adult spring breaks should be mental breaks. In my case, situated in Washington, DC, accompanied by my father and chalk full of museum visits and coffee breaks.

I think it is necessary to reevaluate, readjust and reaffirm. An internal re-calibration, of sorts. As an adult, and even as a halfway-formed collegiate adult, I noticed our tendency to say and not do. Situations where we say “let’s get coffee” or “I’m going to go to grad school.” Situations where we believe that our words carry more weight and meaning about our character than they do. It is as if the manifestation of words feeds some internal belief about ourselves. Some belief that seeks the words’ reality to be reflection of who we are, rather than our actions.

The materialization of words, and not actions, is painful for all involved. To be the “friend” who is always promised with the potential of a coffee date. To be the person who speaks highly of her dreams and goals, that will forever remain exactly as such. Adult spring breaks help acquaint us with exactly who we are, who we want to become – and most importantly, how to become.

Photographed in Georgetown, Washington, DC.


Spring Break


Apologies are much overdue around these parts. Winter Quarter cumulated with finals week and a return to the land of constant sunshine, warmth and the occasional sea breeze in the form of Spring Break. Many hours spent in the library created some difficulty in generating creative content in this here space. Yet, I am returning to Chicago refreshed and renewed – excited to explore the city in more acceptable temperatures.

For now, I offer my sincerest of apologies and some pretty pictures from this place that I once called home. It is strange now to hear myself call “home” as in Chicago. Even in this short time apart, I am itching to get back. I held off on making a March Chicago To-Do list as impending finals, internship deadlines and a two week stint in SoCal limited my availability to explore.

In SoCal lately: (1) Morning runs and walks under the San Clemente Pier (2) Continuing the donut trend at Sidecar (3) Always by the water (4) Playing with shadows – and my running shoes (5) Bokeh Sunsets at Crystal Cove State Park – after visiting the Beachcomber (6) Wishing that I could still fit into the J.Crew kids section, specifically these bunny ears headbands


And we’re off

I can already tell that my twentieth year will be a year of adventure – even more so than my usual type of adventures. With study abroad in Paris and Africa, I am so so excited in anticipation for all the memories that will come. I know that the man in the sky has some great plans for me in the coming months and I am more than happy to be taken by surprise.

Recently, I am stuck on the idea of weekend trips. Not that I really have the opportunity to jet off for the weekend but I daydream of visiting small US cities for a few days. Growing up on the east coast, so many places were accessible – from Boston to NYC to Cape Cod, DC, Vermont, etc. I will never forget the places and opportunities that my hometown in CT provided. Especially now that I begin to consider where I would like to live after college (the amount of times I received this question this summer is kind of crazy – it probably deserves a post in itself).It’s embedded in me to wander and explore – I mean this blog is called “Where Fun Goes.” So I’d thought I’d share what caught my eye as of late.

Charleston, South Carolina

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Images via Pinterest

Can you guess what originally drew me to Charleston? Obviously not the colored walls and houses. I can’t help but be attracted to places that are so photogenic – I could easily spend an entire day walking around a pretty city with just my camera.The Boone Hall Plantation looks right out of that Miley Cyrus movie, which despite her performance had some beautiful scenery. And downtown Charleston looks like the type of place where you could properly call something “darling.”

It is sometimes so amazing how people take advantage of the proximity of European countries but fail to take advantage of the proximity of US states. Maybe it’s just cheaper but I am going to work on planning small US adventures. I am not the typical “college spring break” type of gal but the planning a cute spring break in Charleston or wherever else I find on Pinterest seems like a good plan. Spring Break 2k15?