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Chicago in the Morning




I wonder how the general twenty-something population spends their Saturday mornings. Not one for nursing hangovers or sleeping until noon, I spend my Saturdays cradling one large cup of coffee and following my Saturday rituals. For a long time, I’ve known that there’s no such thing as normal. I guess this is my normal, Chicago in the morning.


Winter at Promontory Point

Promontory Point During Winter

Lately, Chicago has been experiencing a heat wave – the type of weather that requires no gloves or hats or scarves – and allows for leisurely walks along the lake instead of quick hustles to and from buildings. Winter at Promontory Point, in Hyde Park, is one of my favorite times. In summer or winter, I religiously run north along its path when the weather is just right. This summer, I would frequently bring down a blanket to read by the water. Now, I can hardly stay for risk of frostbite. Despite the near 80-degree temperature difference, it is more beautiful than ever.

It is rather odd when my last memories of the Point contain bathing suits, sun screen and overgrown green grass. The snow-covered, icy-laden Lake Michigan greatly juxtaposes what my most fond memories of this place once were. Lucky enough for me (and the rest of Chicago), without fail, Spring always arrives. And like most things lately, in a blink.
Promontory Point During Winter

Promontory Point Winter During Winter
Promontory Point Winter 2

Promontory Point Winter During Winter


Frozen Lake Michigan

Frozen Lake Michigan 14Frozen Lake Michigan 9

Frozen Lake Michigan 5

Frozen Lake Michigan 7

Lately, all I want to do is go and take pictures. In Paris, all I had to do was grab my bag and jump on the RER to some unexplored arrondissement. Here, “grabbing” and “going” implies a much longer public transport waiting game and an accumulation of procrastinated work. Despite its difficulty, I somehow stole away to a frozen Lake Michigan just as the sun was about to set after an afternoon of coffee shop productivity. Of course, I had my favorite lady buzzing in my headphones and I couldn’t help but feel that those moments in this city were right and true and different. Chicago isn’t Paris but I would never ask it to be. I feel so belittled underneath its skyscrapers and mutter under my breath when that zero degree weather whips across my face. And then I remember days like this where the weather is comfortably 30 degrees and couples stroll along its frozen water gate. And I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

The other day I was thinking about how I ended up here. How quickly the past two and a half years flew by. And most importantly, how I never would have imagined this to be my life. Somehow this is my life – and I am pretty darn happy about that. 

Frozen Lake Michigan 3Frozen Chicago Bokeh 1

South Haven

sh South Haven24

I took a day off from work to reunite with family in South Haven, Michigan. It seems like a strange local for a vacation, especially considering our previous destination was Cape Cod. But, it is absolutely beautiful. We took a sunset sail on Lake Michigan and I cannot describe the calmness of the water. While I am by no means a photographer, I tried to capture the complete and utter beauty of the sunset. South HavenCotton candy skies. I wish I could describe the complete stillness of the lake when we were on the water. I felt like I was drifting into the most peaceful of nothingness.
South Haven - 30Intentional blur is my favorite.

South Haven - 31South Haven - 35After a few minutes of teaching my mom how to correctly use my camera, she finally captured what I think is a pretty self-portrait. I think these “self-portraits” will be so interesting to look back on when I am further down this road of life. The internet makes certain things so, so easy.

I was skeptical for a 24 hour trip to Michigan. Yet, like in every family situation, it was so worth the time that I got to spend with my family. There was a moment as we were sailing back into the harbor where we waved to every person along the way back to the harbor. My entire extended family would yell descriptive names such as: blue shirt, yellow sweatshirt, #22 or baby in pink shirt and wave, when they proceeded to wave back we would all cheer like crazy. These poor people – my Dad has 7 siblings so my extended family is quite large. Large enough to occupy an entire boat. Large enough to make shirts that read “Hickey Nation.” Large enough to cause a complete ruckus when sailing back into the harbor. It was good.