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Adult Spring Breaks



Adult spring breaks. They don’t formally exist, but I believe they should. Far removed from the spring breaks consumed with excessive consumption, adult spring breaks should be mental breaks. In my case, situated in Washington, DC, accompanied by my father and chalk full of museum visits and coffee breaks.

I think it is necessary to reevaluate, readjust and reaffirm. An internal re-calibration, of sorts. As an adult, and even as a halfway-formed collegiate adult, I noticed our tendency to say and not do. Situations where we say “let’s get coffee” or “I’m going to go to grad school.” Situations where we believe that our words carry more weight and meaning about our character than they do. It is as if the manifestation of words feeds some internal belief about ourselves. Some belief that seeks the words’ reality to be reflection of who we are, rather than our actions.

The materialization of words, and not actions, is painful for all involved. To be the “friend” who is always promised with the potential of a coffee date. To be the person who speaks highly of her dreams and goals, that will forever remain exactly as such. Adult spring breaks help acquaint us with exactly who we are, who we want to become – and most importantly, how to become.

Photographed in Georgetown, Washington, DC.