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San Clemente California


Some moments from the holiday break in San Clemente, California i.e. a place full of magic where the December sun projects warmth onto your skin. San Clemente feels timeless – as if the passing of time has not quickened its pace of life and as if it looks the same as it did three decades ago. It is retro, nostalgic and a bit magical, evidenced by its cotton candy sunsets and glacial low tide. Here is to hoping that 2017 is full of more magical moments than those in 2016.  


^^ This photo feels reminiscient of my time, nearly two years ago, in Istanbul when an older man, recognizing my affinity for photography and some seagulls, threw bread off the side of our boat in order to attract the birds to fly alongside us. It is one of those moments that continues to remind me of our essential humanity, and propensity for connectivity. (Again,) here’s to hoping that 2017 is more full of that.

See you later San Clemente (and California)!