South Haven Wedding


South Haven, Michigan holds a special spot for my family. My Dad is one of eight siblings. After the loss of one of my Uncles, the Hickey clan made a pact to reunite every other summer in South Haven, Michigan. It’s one of my favorite places – and family traditions.

This year was a different sort of celebration. When my Uncle passed, he left behind a widow, once an only child and presently a member of our “nation.” It’s our family tradition to welcome – and with his passing, we failed to let her escape the introduction into our big, incredibly tall family. So this summer, we celebrated her wedding to yet another Irish Catholic in our family’s favorite spot, South Haven.

I thought these photos couldn’t stand alone. They needed their story because it’s quite a unique one. It’s a story that provokes “feel good” vibes. And my own sibling’s willingness to be photographed. All in all, it was the kind of wedding where we all slipped on our swimsuits and completely undid all the pretty that we had put on by the time the cake had been cut and vows had been said.

SH-Wedding-14South-Haven-2016_2SH-wedding-13South-Haven-2016_3Andreas-Wedding-4^^^^ love ^^^^