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A Big Project

While this particular project required nearly 20 hours of editing, I enjoyed creating the most authentic and real representation of our chapter. In a professional context, this video highlights the ability to target one’s audience. It establishes a clear brand for our chapter that persuades potential members of our brand truth. In a few words, […]

Saugatuck, Michigan

Our first stop of the “Let’s-Get-Out-Of-Chicago-During-Lolla” road trip occurred in Saugatuck, Michigan. It is the prettiest of perfects, with that nostalgic New England charm that I like. It is American flags proudly emblazoned on porches with bright red doors. It is strangers assuming a friendly “Hello!” in passing. It was an idealic beginning to an idealic […]

Milwaukee Art Museum

On Saturday, I somehow convinced some friends to take the train to the Milwaukee Art Museum. After discovering the museum and its architecture on Instagram, I quickly plotted and planned what weekend could warrant 24 hours in Milwaukee. Milwaukee certainly is not Berlin or Amsterdam or London – places that I once associated with a quick weekend trip. […]