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Welcome to Where Fun Goes!

Where Fun Goes stems from this silly notion from my Alma Mater as a place “Where Fun Comes to Die.” I’ve found that fun never dies – but rather reinvents itself. Where Fun Goes promotes the idea of life filled with happiness. Happiness in the contagious, palpable way rather than the “everything’s fine” complacency.

Through this blog, I share my “adventures” in story format whether through pictures or writing. Who am I? I’m a 20-something Economics grad. I am a reader. I am a runner. I am a happiness go-getter. And I am someone who tries her hardest to be a good friend.

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  1. Hey Jessica,

    Just a note – the url of your about page still says ‘sample-page’ (wherefungoes.com/sample-page/).

    Maybe you’d want to change that 🙂

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